We have two different styles of Halo Headbands:

Full Width and Doubled Over. All of our Halos come with a knot/ gathering point that is shown in many of our photos being worn at the front. It can also be turned to the back of the head. Our Full Width Halos have a raw edge and open up twice as wide as our Doubled Over Halos, which are sewn over with a seam.

This Halo is our Full Width Style with the knot/ cuff at the back. The edges on the halo have a slight roll-up, as it's one layer of fabric. This Halo offers a slightly more relaxed fit and is more versatile.


This Halo is Doubled Over, meaning it has been folded over and sewn with a seam, finishing it on the edges, and keeping it from opening up wide. The knot/ cuff/ gathering is also shown at the back of this Halo, not visible in the picture.


This Halo shows the knot/ cuff/ gathering at the front! This adds a classy, alternative approach to wearing your Halo. Either Full Width or Doubled Over Halos can be worn this way!


We also have Halos and Hats for children as well as adults. Hats can be selected from the drop-down menu under "Shop Halos". For ages 5 and up we typically recommend an Adult Doubled Over size, as our child Halos fit quite small.

In the photo the girls are wearing child size Halos. The left Halo is Doubled Over and the Right Halo is Full Width, both with the cuff/ knot/ gathering at the back. For closest sizing please comment in the check-out for children's Hats and Halos. Eg) Newborn.

Happy shopping!

Watch our How-To Style Video here: