We believe that we can make a difference at the most critical and early point in life through the Child Survival Program with Compassion Canada. We donate a portion of our Halo sales to this program which provides nutrition, education, healthcare, and community to women and children in desperate need.

We are women helping women. Hiring local women in our own community to create flexible employment for them and their families, while supporting women in need of hope and a future trapped in poverty. Thank you for Wearing Your Halos with us!

Our support was given to a project in the northern highlands of Peru, in the state of Cajamarca. We have also been able to support a project in the Dominican Republic. Through your support the project provided heath care and treatments. A pediatrician performed medial checkups and care instructions following up with home visits and giving them all hygiene kits. They have giving them social activities through a local church community program where the kids and moms could come together and build community and receive spiritual nourishment.

The program gave the moms yarn for handicrafts so they can generate their own incomes and have a better life. They learned to make sweater, scarves, gloves and blankets! They also graduated 9 children from their preschool program and celebrated each of their birthdays in their community group! We provided their children with birthday gifts that their parents couldn't afford.

We are BEYOND GRATEFUL that you are Wearing Your Halos! Together we are improving lives! THANK YOU!!