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We are offering our fabric, non medical, face masks in a standard size (large or smaller sizes are available on requestPlease comment at checkout if you would like it a little larger than shown (L) or smaller (S). The large is the size my husband prefers as it wraps more around his chin and is and is higher on his nose. Our regular size is shown in the photos below and fits the children in the photos with the ties crossed.  For smaller children you can request smaller (S). 

These masks are two layers of fabric with a pocket/ opening on the side so that you can add and remove your desired extra layer of protection or filter. They are made out of our soft, stretchy fabric and the ties are also a soft stretchy fabric. For a more snug fit you can cross the ties on the side to make the mask fit slightly smaller. They are machine washable. 

*If you do not have a preference for your print or size (we will make the selection and include the standard size) place your order here. Also, there is a $2 discount ($11.95 each) if you order here and you are open to the selection we have on hand.

*If you do have a print preference, go to the Shop Halos and Hats page, select your fabric of choice, and use the two dropdown menus: Style and Size, and select Mask to make your selection ($13.95 each)

*This is the description page and your print is not specified here, therefore we will send you any available print if you order on this page. The masks shown are our standard size. If you would like a larger size (inch taller from nose to chin) please contact us or comment on which one(s) you would like bigger. 

They do meet the CDC recommendations for cloth masks but they are not a replacement for medical grade N95 masks and will help but not offer full protection. They are fabric only. They are also not a replacement for social distancing

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To shop for our masks select any of our available prints on the drop down menu on the other pages of the print of your choice! If you would like to coordinate the headbands or hats they are also available on the drop-down menu! 

We will get these shipped to you as soon as possible! 

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