Hi everyone!

I know that overnight many of us became home school parents for the first time and have faced so many sudden changes. I thought it would helpful to share some teaching/ home activity ideas. If you have any online links that you have used or are helpful and/ or offline activities such as games and activities to share, I can post them here for all of us to use and access. Happy learning everyone! We are all in this together! ❤

Online Resources:

Preschool to Grade 3 activities:

Read aloud books:

    Math Apps:

    Scholastic Free Printables and Resources:


    Lethbridge Public Library:


    Information on NYC's Library's books accessible for free: 


     Virtual Programs Available/ Tours:

    Google's Arts and Culture App (available for free at the Google Play store) has lots of tours of cities, museums and more!

    Lists of Museums you can visit online: https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/75809/12-world-class-museums-you-can-visit-online

    A great collection of virtual tours and travel experiences: https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/life/travel/a31784720/best-virtual-tours/

    San Diego Zoo Animals Live Cams:


    Atlanta Zoo Panda Live Cam: https://zooatlanta.org/panda-cam/

    Calgary Zoo Daily Dose Videos:


    Offline Activity Ideas:

    • Games - Board games, number games like Snakes and Ladders, puzzles, baking, instrument making. 
    • Outside Activities: Scavenger hunt, nature walk, science project, gardening/ pot planting.

    French Resources:

    Lalilo: https://lalilo.com/?language=en 

    French Read Aloud Children's Stories: 



     Weekly Framework Example:

    I drafted up a weekly framework as a starting point to getting my kids settled into a routine. Here's a sample of our first week on Monday (with less than a days notice that I was teaching them the next day :)).  I repeated the same subjects (Writing, Numbers, Reading, Music & Movement, and Creative Time) Mon-Thurs, focusing on different things each day or building on things started the days before. Friday I left open for something different like an outing, field trip (depending on what is available to visit or do, but can include a hike or nature walk), or things like a family movie night, special craft, or science experiment, etc. 





    Student 1 (9 yrs)

    Student 2 (6 yrs)


    Start a notebook: Journaling:

    Today’s journal entry: What do I think of school at home? What are my thoughts and feelings

    Start a notebook:

    Printing his first, middle and last name with proper pencil grip and letter formation




    Student 1

    Student 2


    Numbers workbook: Addition/ Subtraction/ Multiplication/ Division

    Numbers book: Connect the dots, then a dice game (roll and shout out the numbers).



    (Student 1 Phone a friend in French, French Immersion Student)





    Student 1

    Student 2


    Chapter book of her choice. 2x a week French books of her choice

    Mom reads to Student 2, Student 2 reads to mom, repeat





    Student 1

    Student 2

    Music and Movement

    Piano practicing, including theory – I support/ instruct as necessary


    Drumming, piano, or favorite sports skill or drill




    Student 1

    Student 2

    Creative Time

    Art/ craft of her choice: bracelet making/ painting, puzzling

    Art/ craft of his choice: Lego painting, puzzling, playdough


    We finish our formal time for lunch but can extend into the afternoon as we need time to or leave the afternoon open for more outside / activity / free time!

    These are ideas and suggestions that you are free to use/ adapt/ share!