Buttons on Headwear



We are now including the option to add buttons to your headwear at no extra cost. If you order it on this page we will send you an unspecified fabric print with buttons attached. If you have a specific color or print in mind please see the other page, select your print, make a comment to add buttons, or send us an email at merena@haloheadwear.com or send us an Instagram (@wearyourhalo) or FB message to with your order # to confirm after you have placed your order and we will add the note to your order! 

All our prints have the drop-down menu option for hats, headbands, or masks (just click on the photo of the print you like). The headband shown on the right of this photo is the Doubled Over Style, the one to the left is the Full Width Style. More details on the styles can be found under our Style Guide.

*Note buttons may vary*

Let us know if you have any questions!



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