Intentional Living

lntentional living is a phrase that has been ringing in my ears as of late. What does it mean to be intentional? How can I be more intentional? With whom and what do I want to be more intentional? Words synonymous with intentional include, "conscious, deliberate, intended, knowing, purposeful, set, voluntary, willed" (p. 1, Merriam-Webster). 

Taking these words and bringing them into action is the challenge and yet may bring the sweet reality of living out one's goals, desires, and dreams to fruition. Personally, this has been about carving out added space and time for my family, friends, and neighbors. It's been about intentionally seeking balance in areas of work and life. It's watching my children grow and soaking up every minute of their lives that I can. It's being intentional about engaging in deep and meaningful conversations with friends and family. It's finding practical and tangible ways to cultivate community. These, and more, are living and breathing goals, challenges, and exciting opportunities pressing upon me and spurring me to action to see them to fruition; it's part of a life-long journey! 

What about you? What are you wanting to be more intentional about? What steps can you take to reach that goal? 

I would love for you to join me on the journey of being more intentional! May you find joy and peace in your pursuit, and passionately, and intentionally set your goals and charge after them without looking back!

Cheering you on along the way!



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